Welcome to our Church


You may have seen our colorful buses around your community picking up different families. If you would like to be picked up, please call our office at 210.533.3399 or click on our contact page to leave us your information. 

If you want to come on your own, you are more than welcome to come to our church at 742 Denver Blvd.


What You Can Expect on a Sunday Morning


We have Sunday School at 10 a.m. We all gather upstairs for a short prayer and then we are shown where our classes will be. Our adults are always upstairs and our younger crowd go to different classes where they will be taught a fun, interactive, bible lesson.

Our Sunday Service starts at 11 a.m. We have songs that we sing together to worship God. There are words on the screen to guide you if you do not know that particular song.

We worship together with our young people so that they can see different examples of how people worship God. Some lift their hands, others clap, and some close their eyes to give thanks and praise to God. You can worship however you feel comfortable.

We also have a time where we pick up an offering. If you are new, you are not obligated to give. Our members and faithful attenders give because this is their church home and desire to continue God's work.

Once worship (singing songs to God) is over, we ask the children 10 years and under to go downstairs. They sing some more songs and have a bible story shared with them that is appropriate to their age group.

Pastor Joe then preaches God's word in a relevant and authentic way to share how we can apply God's word and allow it to change us from the inside out. We always have a time of prayer following the preaching as we are challenged and encouraged to follow God's ways.

We end with announcements and a small meal downstairs as you go on with your day to spend with family and friends.


Some Helpful Tips


1. Wear comfortable clothes to come worship with us. You can leave your suit and tie for that special interview or date.

2. We leave several spaces for our guests in the front of the church. If it is full, feel free to park along the curb.

3. During our time of worship, feel free to express yourself as you feel comfortable.

4. Don't forget to grab your small meal downstairs before you leave.

5. Our church loves to serve. If you want to join us, just ask one of our friendly ushers or pastors that greeted you or that were on the stage.