Our youth ministry is led by pastor Marlem Benavides. She is a graduate of Latin American Bible Institute in San Antonio. Finishing bible school, she decided to go full time at our church to work with at-risk young people. 

Our youth meet on Wednesdays and Sundays. We pick most of them up and some walk because of their close proximity.

On Tuesday Marlem has a bible study for those that would like to go more in depth to be leaders and disciples.

Youth Ministry Needs

1. We are always looking for committed volunteers that have a heart for at risk young people. You would work under the youth pastor and her team to fulfill needs such as media, games, and small groups.

2. Your monetary gifts for different retreats, activities, and our yearly camp for our youth are always needed to help this young generation to accomplish what God has called them to.

3. Please pray for our young people. Many come on their own and do not have godly role models at home. They have many pressures that try to detour them from the things of God. We are seeing great things with our young people. The church has ministered to hundreds of young people throughout the 17 years of existence. Pray that we can continue to reach and disciple young people for the kingdom.