Our Bus Ministry picks up at risk children and youth throughout the inner-city of San Antonio every Wednesday and Sunday.

We have one bus that we have converted to give out clothes for different outreaches that we do each month. 

We have 4 buses and one van that always go out on routes to pick up families for church. We have one bus that is on standby in case a bus needs maintenance. We were just donated an additional bus from one of our partner churches to pick up more young people.


Needs for this Ministry:


1. More volunteers are needed with commercial drivers licenses (CDLs) or who are willing to work at getting their license.

2. Bus assistants that can go on the bus routes with our drivers to help knock on doors, guide families to and from the bus, and build relationships with the people we are picking up. 

3. Volunteers are always needed that can help with maintenance of our buses such as cleaning, mechanic work, and upkeep.

4. Volunteers to donate funds for the maintenance of our vehicles and also to get our donated vehicles up to date and safe for the families we pick up.

5. We need your prayers to continue picking up families in need to give God glory and expand His kingdom.